Synth's Carrd

  • Synth/Sins/Kniives

  • 18

  • pronouns: they/he + neos

  • likes: Area 11, drawing, music, singing, minecraft

  • dislikes: men /j, cheese, bad wifi



please don't mention the below things/topics to me! they could make me really uncomfortable or upset :(


  • any mentions of William Strife's girlfriend, Tevela

  • improper use of over the counter drugs (Benadryl's a big one here)

  • fad dieting

  • solutions and order (minecraft series on youtube by Will Strife)

  • irl Will Strife


  • stuffed animal mutilation

  • asmr

  • please don't talk shit about my special interest, Area 11

  • j*zz (talk is okay, visuals are not)

  • c*m jars

  • splinters in the skin (art is okay!)

  • please do not sarcastically say "wow" at me

  • Harry Potter (the series)

  • jumpscares


wanna make fanwork of me? that's great! here are my terms for it


  • post on social media and be sure to tag me! i'd love to see your work :]

  • make sure to sign your work! there are fuckers that may try to steal it and we don't want that

  • you may use my audio/video content on video content that you make money from (twitch, youtube, etc)! just please be sure to not just reupload it

  • you may use fanart of me to make moners! get those stacks and get yourself something nice :]


  • absolutely NO nsfw of myself or any of my characters

  • please don't draw me with my triggers and squicks, and likewise please don't tag me in posts containing them

  • do not repost other's work without permission and credit

  • don't use my face/character to represent harmful ideologies

  • do not ship me with people significantly younger or older than me, especially not on the younger side. i'd say a four year older max and two year younger max is safe.

  • no gender bends (what gender is there to bend?)